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is it sad that i have no chat quote to copy/paste in the subject? :(

So I'm going through's 'Celebrities' story archive, seeing fi I can find any sex scene well written enough to print out and you know where this is going. This is what happens when you are (a guy) bored and don't feel like working up your own imagination. So anyway, I'm looking at the filenames and suddenly run into a directory called resident-evil. Forgetting any inital intentions I click the link in hopes to find Zombie sex (apparently Celebrities is code for Any Fanfic) but when I get to the second paragraph:

He ignored their conversation and looked back at the
man sitting next to Alice. He looked to be in his
twenties, like Alice, he supposed. His accent and
tanned skin probably suggested him being Italian, but
Mark didn't care. He liked his goatee though. Lol.

If you'll excuse me I have to keep reading this amazing literary piece now.


Two days after the outbreak of undead in Raccoon City,
Mark had been kicked out of his own home. He couldn't
believe it. He should have known that his father was a
fucking homophobic. It was his 16th birthday.

Dying. I am tempted to post the entire fic here.
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