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My paid account is gone, but my extra userpics are saved until I pay it again *_* plz I'm begging you. Buy me a paid account for my birthday... early. Don't be like Aja.

mahatma gandhi: i'll just let you use your instincts
mahatma gandhi: i trust them
mahatma gandhi: i trust you
che guevara: aja
che guevara: i willl do this if you give me a paid accout
mahatma gandhi: i can't do that theo, sorry
mahatma gandhi: my reputation depends on the fact that i can get people to put out for me for free
mahatma gandhi: if it got around that i had to bribe them
mahatma gandhi: even one person
mahatma gandhi: the power structure would crumble
mahatma gandhi: my influence would fall
che guevara: just buy me a paid account and i won't do anything then
mahatma gandhi: ASDFJASLFJKAFD
che guevara: T^T i long for it
mahatma gandhi: a woman of my stature never bargains
che guevara: sdfgdfg
che guevara: a woman 5'0"?
che guevara: No, aja
che guevara: let's make a deal
che guevara: My arte isn't free
che guevara: my paid account expires today
che guevara: surely
che guevara: we can get to an agreement
che guevara: an agreement that will be good for everyone, not just you, not just me, everyone
che guevara: after all
che guevara: it is my birthday next sunday
che guevara: remember what i gave you for your birthday aja, I gave you self-respect by c/ping stuff you said to shalott. I sang Macarena with you. don't you feel a little empty handed, aja. like you should reciprocate.
che guevara: now is the moment.
che guevara: give me a gift i won't forget
mahatma gandhi: you mean like a social disease?
che guevara: or a paid account....
che guevara: i gave you beautiful sean connery icons
che guevara: beautiful
mahatma gandhi: okay, well, yes. you have a point with the sean connery icons.
che guevara: fghdfghf
che guevara: i knew i did
mahatma gandhi: unfortunately, if i buy you a paid account, i would have to buy everyone who beta'd and drew me porn a paid account, and theo, much as i love you, i just don't have those resources.
mahatma gandhi: and now i have to go to the post office
che guevara: ghjdfhfdf shit aja i really need a paid account dfshfilguhsdfuigh
che guevara: look at my last post
che guevara: i'm emo and desperate
mahatma gandhi: Sorry, amazon package awaiting me
mahatma gandhi: :D
che guevara: fine
che guevara: fuck you
che guevara: fuck everyone
che guevara: fuck it all
mahatma gandhi: :*
che guevara: I don't need this
che guevara: no
che guevara: no kisses
che guevara: nothing
mahatma gandhi: you will survive
mahatma gandhi: i assure you
mahatma gandhi: the pain will end
che guevara: people with 100 icons always say that
che guevara: you are such a hypocrite
che guevara: you know nothing of my pain
che guevara: nothing
mahatma gandhi: perhaps
mahatma gandhi: if you are creative
mahatma gandhi: you can show me
mahatma gandhi: through your beta porn
che guevara: tyertyeryer
che guevara: eytrye
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